If you ever wanted to find a worthwhile charity, well what could be better than helping WOMEN survive? Women are our mothers, our daughters, our sisters… Our everythings. They give birth to us, and raise us… they cry, laugh and play with us.

The human race would not survive without them.

Lend a hand, and support the cause against one of the most lethal killers of WOMEN – Ovarian Cancer. HTTP://WWW.OCRF.ORG/DONATENOW

Lisa Jey Davis is a former Publicist, television show production pro, and a former single mom, who pursued her dreams and somehow saw some of them actually come to pass! She is the bestselling, and three time award-winning author of Ms. Cheevious in Hollywood: My Zany Years Spent Working in Tinsel Town. Her latest little e-booklet, Five Tips for Rocking Your Hollywood Mojo, is free to new subscribers, by clicking here, or available on Amazon. She resides in Santa Monica, California with her actor husband, in a one bedroom rent-controlled apartment, 3 blocks from the sand, and savors every single moment (because, hey... rent-control by the beach). For a more detailed bio click here.