I recently read an excellent post on “Recovery Thoughts from a Survivor” at the Facing Our Risk Website about recovery from surgeries related to Breast (and ovarian) Cancer, and what’s involved.


RoadThe woman wrote from the perspective of Turning 50, though I must say it applies even now (and I am not yet 50).  I’ve shared her the beginning of her post, but if you like it, I encourage you to share it or comment on the FORCE website:

Thoughts on Turning 50: Recovery

A PARAGRAPH from the post >>

During my treatment I was away from home and received many cards and letters from well-wisher friends, colleagues, and clients (and even a few from their pets). One card from a friend became my favorite: on the outside was an illustration of an idyllic country path, and inside it read: “The road will remain as you stop to remove the stone from your shoe.” I tried to keep this as my mantra throughout my treatment and recovery but it wasn’t always easy. Anxious about mounting medical bills after my 9-month leave of absence, I returned to my veterinary practice soon after returning home to Florida; my first day back on the job was only 9 short weeks after completing treatment and my abdominal surgeries. Even though I had a light load at the animal hospital, I remember sliding to the floor in an exhausted heap during lunch and saying, “I can’t do this.” I felt defeated. Yet by a month later, I was able to handle the work load. I could have saved myself emotional and physical frustration and pain if I had taken into account all that I had just gone through physically and emotionally and just given myself the time I needed to recover adequately. Read the rest here >> on the FORCE Website