As September draws near, so too does what many see as the looming cloud of cancer support months, and in many cases the unending barrage of requests for donations. September is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month, and October is the month for Breast Cancer. My goal (especially during these two months) is to raise awareness and arm people who’ve lost loved ones to either Breast or Ovarian Cancer with the knowledge that the genetic screening is accessible and in many cases covered by insurance.  It’s also important for people to know that insurances are prohibited by law (GINA act) from discriminating based on a genetic condition, and they may not designate a genetic mutation as a “pre-existing condition.” I hope you’ve never lost anyone to either of these horrific diseases, but if you have, God Bless you, and may your journey through life be healthy and free of such pain and suffering.

My story was told in the Albuquerque Journal in May 2013, after Angelina Jolie made the news of her BRCA positive status public.  I’d already shared my story on The Doctors TV show and in my Huffington Post blog, but alas, every year at this time, the need to tell the story again arises.


You can read or hear my story in a number of places. I give very detailed information in my Huffington Post piece HERE

My interviews can be seen or read at the following:


The Doctors TV Show – BRCA / Double Mastectomy

KTLA – THE CW in Los Angeles – just after my double mastectomy

KTLA – THE CW in Los Angeles – After the Angelina Jolie story broke

Albuquerque Journal Interview – After the Angelina Jolie story broke


Coming up in October, ALBUQUERQUE THE MAGAZINE will have a feature interview with me, to help in my efforts to raise awareness about genetic screenings.  Stay tuned, or check back on my PRESS page to see that interview then!


If you would like to further the cause of Ovarian Cancer research I suggest the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund.  For Breast Cancer, I suggest the Avon Foundation Breast Cancer Crusade.


In the meantime, stay healthy my friends.